at Bremen's very comfortable guest room, the "SPITZEN GEBEL" directly at the Bremen marketplace

Regular customers also call it "Bremen's cultpub". Anyway:

Original poured out of a lantern, is the "Sluk ut de Lamp" still today the secret highlight of any tourist guide. Those who not come, are blamed by himself!

We are open for you from:

Monday to Friday from 12.00 till open end. Saturdays from 11.00 till open end.
Sunday is rest day, except if Werder Bremen has a home game, then we are open from
11.00 clock.

Telephone: 0421-330 68 98. We await you eagerly and keep the beer ready for you !


The house and the restaurant get there names from the late Gothic gable. This house was builded at the time of 1400 and is the last medieval middle-class house of the Hansestadt. The beer marketeer
Adolf Ulbrich solded it 1913 to the "Vereinigten Klavierträger" as an office building.

From this time comes a lovely custom, which developed to a specialty of today's restaurant
"Spitzen Gebel": From the lamp

Because the piano delivery man couldent drink any alcohol during their waiting time, they came to a clever idea.
They rebuilded a normal lantern to a bottle and filled it with sweet herp schnapps. From now on, the mans were always ready for a drink and no one noticed the constant pleasure.
In the end this custom has become a strong tradition in today's "Spitzen Gebel".

Original poured out of a lantern, is the "Sluk ut de Lamp" still today the secret highlight of any tourist guide.

Of recipe from a Swedish doctor whose family protected the secret for many decades, and whose family members all become over 100 years old, the herp potion is mixed today, exclusively by us.


This recipe originates from a Swedish doctor who lived for more than 100 years and who eventually died falling from a horse.
His family guarded the secret of the recipe for many decades and they all lived to be over 100 years old.
In the end the secret of the recipe was revealed for the be refit of all and those who mix it and take it regularly as a preventative remain free from illness or, if ill, can be cured by it.
Whether for aiding the eure in spring or autumn, keeping body and soul together, fortifying the nerves or for good circulation, 10 to 20 to 30 drops, diluted with wine, tea, water or some such, are to be recommended morning and evening. So taken, this Swedish elixir is an excellent preventative against many illnesses.

The elixir also works miracles for the health in other ways, for example in cases of rheumatism, complaints of the gall bladder, dropsy, headaches, haemorrhoids, digestive complaints, aching limbs, blocked arteries and for many other complaints.
For all such cases 10 to 20 to 30 drops are to be taken to begin with, increasing as required up to a teaspoonful and diluted in wine, tea, water or some such according to the size of the person and severity of the malaise....


Open the Bar:


Monday:Closed (reservation for private party possible)
Tuesday:15:00 – 24:00
Wednesday:15:00 – 24:00
Thursday:15:00 – 24:00 
Friday:15:00 – 02:00 
Saturday:12:00 – 02:00


  • Hinter dem Schütting 1
    28195 Bremen
FON:+49 (0)421 330 68 98
Kontakt für: Kritik, Fragen, oder Mietanfragen / Reservierungen für den Montag)