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Der Schnoor in Bremen


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The house and the restaurant get there names from the late Gothic gable. This house was builded at the time of 1400 and is the last medieval middle-class house of the Hansestadt. The beer marketeer
Adolf Ulbrich solded it 1913 to the "Vereinigten Klavierträger" as an office building.

From this time comes a lovely custom, which developed to a specialty of today's restaurant
"Spitzen Gebel": From the lamp

Because the piano delivery man couldent drink any alcohol during their waiting time, they came to a clever idea.
They rebuilded a normal lantern to a bottle and filled it with sweet herp schnapps. From now on, the mans were always ready for a drink and no one noticed the constant pleasure.
In the end this custom has become a strong tradition in today's "Spitzen Gebel".

Original poured out of a lantern, is the "Sluk ut de Lamp" still today the secret highlight of any tourist guide.

Of recipe from a Swedish doctor whose family protected the secret for many decades, and whose family members all become over 100 years old, the herp potion is mixed today, exclusively by us.


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