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Der Schnoor in Bremen


Felix Meissner


Theaterschiff Bremen


Alte Molkerei Worpswede




Eating & Drinking
Food will not served by us personal, since we are a "smoking bar". But there are plenty of opportunities to eat in the immediate area. Please ask our service personnel.
Drinks are there in abundance!

Haake Beck fresh from the barrel, we give in 0.2, 0.3 and 0.4 liters. Everything else anyway, wine, champagne, coffee.
Cocktails only by request, means with a "reservation"!

Please understand that we do not accept credit cards, no debit cards.
We will always pay with cash.



Bar Spitzen Gebel :: Hinter dem Schütting 1 :: 28195 Bremen :: Fon: 0421/330 68 98    |    2011 © M. Prawitt
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